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NIDA: Easy to Read Drug Facts Provides fact sheets and video for parents and students about addiction and specific drugs.

Prevention Links For Parents and Students

The following web sites for parents and students provide information for parents and fun activities to students, all aimed to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.  Please check back regularly as Web Casts and additional web pages will be added as they are located..

Drugs 4 Real—an interactive drug prevention program for early teens:

Click on the link and “Register Now”.  This free, new web-based drug prevention program teaches early teens about the influence of alcohol and other drugs, and strengthens their commitment to avoid these substances.

CADCA TV: Every parent wants to raise Drug Free Kids. Watch this free Webcast provided by CADCA. Designed for parents, this program explores the differences between brain function in Teens and adults, ways to help parents connect with teens, and how communities can work together to keep kids drug free.

How to Learn More and Study Less: This site lists Zen habits which help students manage their daily life in a way which maximizes their learning.  Easy to read, great to post next to  a desk for an easy reminder.

The Partnership at Drugfree.orgA site for parents and Teens, this site includes Prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery assistance.  Watch videos to hear real life stories to help parents and teens.


Stop the Madness!  Alcohol Alert  -   Learn the hard cold, sobering facts about Drunk Driving in the United States. Learn how to intervene, and help save a life. The life you save may be your own, or the life of someone you love.

For Information about any of our events, contact:  Kay Daniel

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CADCA Coalition Resources: Article on Bath Salts used as “Fake Cocaine” and inhaled by youth. This story highlights the growing concern over youth experimentation with a variety of legal substances currently being used in a harmful manner.

 Meet Stinky, get free downloads, send Stinky Text and Stinky E-cards while learning about tobacco. See Stinky and his friends at:

Listen to Lea’s Story

A real story of a student—don’t let it be you.

This news story was seen by Task Force members while at CADCA convention in Washington, DC.    Part 1: of Lea part 1


  Part 2: of Lea part 2

ONDCP Fact Sheet on Synthetic Marijuana:

Learn about K2, Spice and Bath Salts from the Presidential Office of National Drug Control Policy:

Brain Games for Teens: Exercise your brain and test you knowledge with these games:

Links for Students:

Links for Parents:

K2 and Spice Exposed: Check out these three sites for additional information on K2, Spice and other forms of synthetic drugs:

· NCSL Synthetic Drug Facts

· CBS News

· Wikipedia